Pi Story Second Closed Beta Test Announcement

Seoul, Korea – November 2, 2007 – South Korean developer NCONY Enterprise announced today that the second closed beta for Pi Story (http://pistory.gamengame.com), its 2D side scrolling anime action game, is now over. Game servers are now closed to players and will reopen for a third closed beta test, with dates to be announced later on the website.

Compared to the first version released in September, the second version included changes and fixes to bugs previously reported in the initial test, new maps, the introduction of a new Cleric job class in addition to the Fighter and Newbie classes, an improved battle system, and overall improvements to the performance of the game client and network, resulting in less network latency and server crashes.

"These last two tests have focused on streamlining the core foundation of the game programming," said Mary Min, a spokesperson for the company. "Now that we have a strong base to operate on, we will start to focus on the fun parts – adding more content, innovative features, and our Web 2.0 technology-based components. Furthermore, our top priority for the next beta test will be to implement suggestions made to us by our players during the previous beta tests."

She added, "We plan on doing multiple closed beta tests, which is quite unheard of for Korean games entering the global market. Korean games usually run one or two closed beta tests before going live with an open beta, but we are taking a radically different approach by offering the game in stages. This allows our players to greatly contribute to the shaping of the final product, and have a say in what our game will turn out to be. We are going to let our players decide what the game looks like; it’s true to our company’s motto: Games made by gamers for gamers."

NCONY strongly encourages all of its players to send feedback via email, postings on the forum, through the game, and through the Support page of its website. For more information regarding the game, please visit the website at http://pistory.gamengame.com.

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