Player to Create Pi Story MySpace Page

One lucky Pi Story player will be the sole creator of the official Pi Story MySpace page and win an iPod Shuffle.

Aeria Games is offering an iPod Shuffle to the player who can create the most decorative and entertaining MySpace page for Pi Story. MySpace has become an integral part of the launch of Pi Story because of the networking tools it encompasses.

All players are encouraged to participate in this contest. The rules are as follow:

1. Create a temporary Pi Story MySpace

2. Players will need to send their code to a Game Master after completion
3. All entries will be property of Aeria Games

4. Entries must be received no later than 12 p.m. PDT 7/21/08
5. Players will vote for a winner on the most artistic and decorative MySpace Page

First prize winner will receive an iPod Shuffle and 2000 Aeria Points, Second prize will receive 2000 Aeria Points and third place will receive 1000 Aeria Points.

For more information on the contest, please visit the Create the Official Pi Story MySpace Page or the Pi Story MySpace page.

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