Pirate——the Most Disputable Character in Voyage Century

Pirate was a career with hundred of years’ history. As early as the Roma Empire, the rampant pirates were a great problem to the empire. With the development of industry and sea trade, the power and the domain of the pirates became more and more strong. The floruit of the great navigation age also creates the summit of the pirates. It was a time when most notorious pirates got their name. These pirates coveted the trading ships between Europe and the New World. They harmed the sea route and the trader’s interest greatly. It was also a time when the European Countries competed with each other for resources, colonies and supremacy. In order to achieve this, some European countries supported the pirates stealthily and ordered them to destroy the trade routes of their enemy. These pirates were Privateers. They were both pirates and soldiers. Their purpose of robbery was to serve their countries’ interest.

In Voyage Century, pirates are divided into two kinds, the professional pirate and the privateer. Players can choose their own pirate career according to their hobby and voyaging experience. If you want to be a professional pirate in Voyage Century, you have to join in a pirate gang first. Whether you can join in the pirate gang depends mainly on your notoriety and amity with the pirate gang. Your life style will be totally changed when you join the pirate gang. In order to become world-famous, you have to learn to grasp the good timing and geographical convenience, face with the menace from battleships on the sea, and avoid the jealous attack from the fellow. If you want to be a privateer in Voyage Century, the process is a little bit troublesome. According the Navigation Law, to become a privateer, you must be a victim of the piracy who was ever robbed by players of the other country. If you grip the evidence of his guilt, you can apply for a privateer license against the country that robbed you. With the privateer license in hand, you can rob the specified country in stipulated time without the restriction of the international law to make up for your loss. You must note that, your amity with the country you robbed will reduce greatly. And the players you robbed will also have the right to apply for a privateer license.

No matter from the point of your nation’s interest or the crave for wealth,pirate is always a disputable vocation. However, many people still yearn for the free and exciting life of pirates. Now, Voyage Century provides players a chance to experience a life full of excitement and romance.

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