Pokémon Go: Give and Take


Have you guys ever played the pool game “Marco Polo”? You know, someone covers their eyes, yells Marco and the other people yell Polo back and they use that to figure out where the other people are without looking. That’s kind of what Pokémon Go is. You can’t see where they are, and that’s part of the fun. Websites like Pokevision, Pokeradar, etc made things easier by showing you exactly where they were, so you could just walk somewhere, get the Pokémon and leave. That’s not adventurous! That’s not exciting! That’s not discovery! That’s cheating. Sure, in the latest patch the footsteps were removed from the game but guess what? They were broken from the damn start! They didn’t work, so removing them? Not such a big deal!


Maybe they’ll implement something else to make it a little easier to find local/nearby Pokémon. But people are crying and throwing fits, and declaring Pokémon Go a “dead game”, that nobody’s going to play it now that broken. fucking. footsteps aren’t in the game anymore. One of these tweets in particular is here if you should want to read it. If someone thinks that, they’ve lost their damn minds. The game is still fun, and you can still capture Pokémon. I caught tons of them on the beach and in town this morning! Piles of them! Hatched two eggs, found two more eggs, caught some stuff that weren’t in my Pokedex yet. Look, I understand that they made the game easier, but that’s not the point of Pokémon Go! It’s not to be easy. Being a Pokémon Master isn’t supposed to just happen overnight. You have to explore, wander, and meet new people/see new things. I tried using Pokevision once, saw that my neighborhood was a barren wasteland, void of Pokémon and decided it was a silly thing and I didn’t need it.

Let’s all be happy it exists, work together and catch ’em all, yeah? Soon we’ll have battling, trading, Gen 2s are coming, and much more. Being butthurt over a website that let you catch ’em easy is kind of dumb, when it comes down to it.

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