Ran Online: Official Launch

Real-life, school RPG Ran Online which has been developed and serviced by the Online Game Developer Mincommunications Inc.  has announced launch of RAN online official service.

RAN online is a free to play MMORPG about saving schools and city as a student in one of four classes; Swordsman, Archer, Shaman and Brawler. Each class has its very own special trait but RAN online stand comparison with action MMORPG because of its unique hitting sense. Plus, the build of active user community is supported with ‘Extra Stage’ and will be boosted more with the ‘Lead Club Battle’.
‘Lead Club Battle’ of RAN online is a system that empowers the winner club the throne of the region through Club vs Club PK. Winner of the Lead Club Battle will hold the rights to set the trading fee of the region. User community will become more active through this ‘Lead Club Battle’ which requires the teamwork between the club members.
RAN online has prepared to open ‘ITEM SHOP’ as they launch the Official Service. Various Cards and Costumes will be sold in item shop. Plus, RAN online has prepared an event to giveaway Megaphone item to the users who charge R Coin for the first time during the event period to celebrate the Official Service Launch.
Furthermore, separate events are also held on their official Social Network Sites. Bruce Lee Costume will be rewarded to 10 randomly picked users who register RAN GM in the game downloader and gamer SNS called X-Fire and also, through the Facebook’s RAN online official fan page, users who bring new friends to the fan page will be rewarded with Funny Mask and Buddy Teleport Card.
Kim, Byung Min the CEO of Mincommunications Inc. has said “It is such an honored to launch RAN online official service with all the attentions of our users from 170 different nations.” and “Users will be able to experience new excitement with the newly updated contents which are to make the Official Service Launch more memorable.”

Ran Online Welcomes You!

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