Ran Online Starts Open Beta

Ran Online has annouced that their Open Beta will start today, September 23rd at 9:00 Ran Time(GMT+9).
Ran Online OBT has added new Help NPC called “Click Me” to help the users’ game play and new milestone for ‘Main Center’ where all the NPCs are located for its easy recognition and many more new functions and systems also have been upgraded. Plus, top level (Lv. 50 during CBT) limitation is removed for users to play Ran Online freely.
Ran Online has prepared various events to celebrate its OBT. First, attendance check event called “INTOC Award” for 2 weeks period from the 23rd, users will be given various awards by their accumulated days of attendance and ‘WSE Event’ which will be rewarding rare armor (+9) for top leveled characters of each school and class is also prepared.
Plus, ‘Freebies for Newbies’ event which will give newbie gif box for all the OBT participants for one month period from OBT launch date and ‘Be a Ran Fan’ event which will give out Funny Masks to all randomly selected Ran Online Facebook fan page fans each day during September 14th to 25th to amplify the excitement of Ran Online.
Hue Jung the Biz Team Manager of Min Communications Inc. said “We will increase the tension through quick updates and collect the user feedbacks from all around the world to provide much more improved service” and “I hope users have chance to enjoy the excitement of Ran Online during its OBT”

Ran Online - Open Beta Starts Today!
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