RuneScape 3 reveals new Heist mini-game

Heist mode

Jagex has just launched a brand new mini-game for RuneScape 3 known as Heist. Heist is a multiplayer mini-game where robbers must make away with loot, while guards do their best to consign them to the slammer. Players form two teams and are pitted against each other in a contest of espionage, deception and grand larceny.

Don disguises to get your hands on the swag, or follow your hunches to unmask sneaky crooks. Make your escape or pursuit across procedurally generated environments themed after iconic RuneScape locations.

Heist is simple to play, but it requires skill, cunning and a keen eye. The best robbers will be able to mimic the island’s citizens to fool the guards, while the most successful guards will be the ones who can spot suspicious behaviour a mile off.

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