Scarlet Legacy Enters Closed Beta

Scarlet Legacy CB Begins Today



In a matter of minutes, GamesCampus’ highly-anticipated fantasy MMORPG, Scarlet Legacy, will be entering into closed beta testing!  Beginning today, beta key holders will have early access to join the fight and save Princess Scarlet from evil forces. OnRPG has a constant supply of keys coming in so be sure to grab one HERE.

During the closed beta testing period, players will enter a massively dynamic fantasy world that takes players through a journey of thousands of quests to save Princess Scarlet. OnRPG’s ColbyCheeze took a look at the game prior to today’s CB launch and mentioned in his VIDEO that each of the four character classes has unique mechanics that force players to constantly think on their feet, switching weapons and chaining combos together in precise sequences to fully utilize their character.


“The wait is over for fans to get their first shot at Scarlet Legacy, and we think they are going to love their experience,” said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus.  “We know fans have been anxious to get their hands on this innovative new game, and we look forward to their feedback.”


Scarlet Legacy possesses innovative new game systems that will allow players to spend more time progressing their characters, rather than just running around the game world on travel-related tasks. The new “Auto Assist” system allows players to have complete MMORPG-style character manipulation with chain-targeting combat systems, giving the freedom of true control-driven and action-oriented game play.


Scarlet Legacy offers tactical combat with stylishly cinematic animation, plenty of character customization options, and numerous PvP modes and battlefields. There are four classes to choose from at the beginning, but each has access to multiple unique talent trees, bonus granting Martial Arts combat Stances, and evolving skills which allow for far more personalized progression. Scarlet Legacy is a complete MMORPG with crafting profession skills, mounts, pet customization and mutation systems, and dozens of in-world mini-games.

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