Scarlet Legacy Prepares First Major Update

Scarlet Legacy Prepares for First Big Update



Published by Games Campus, last month Scarlet Legacy hit North American shores bringing its unique Asian art style and story driven quests into the F2P market. On the 20th they are prepared to launch their first major update, and PvP focused players couldn’t be happier!


The first major update begins with the level cap being increased to 50. This means 67 new skills and 40 new stances will become available to players who reach max level. And to give players the required challenge to test these skills, three new maps will be released including the Demon Lair, Faery Lake, and Secret Altar. A total of 82 new quests and 56 new items will be available from NPCs in these regions to support players in their grind to max level.


In terms of crafting and pet selection, this patch will cover a lot of ground as well. 131 new crafting recipes will be introduced into the game, with a heavy focus on new armor and weapon sets (463 new pieces total!). 4 new pets have been introduced to the game as well, and all pets will not be able to be talented up to lvl 50.


Within the new lands, 4 new dungeons have been set up to challenge players like never before. Within the realm of the ‘Desperate Lands’ and ‘Treasure Island’ you will further the quest to discover the mysteries behind the Scarlet Princess. Ron’s Mansion and Celestial Mausoleum on the other hand are epic dungeons requiring 10 players to combine their strength to overcome them.



The Guild Battle System will also be included in the upcoming expansion! Level 3 Guilds across the server will be able to place bids to be one of 6 guilds featured in the weekly guild battle. Those that win the bid will be able to select their most elite 20 members to participate against the other 5 guilds. They will then be forced to battle against each other to break through Castle Structures, destroy enemy crystals, and acquire glory points for themselves and their guild. The concluding scores will offer rewards for the guilds involved and individual rewards for players as well.



A large number of new items have also been introduced this month such as the Moon Bear Mount and Demon Horns. This game is changing quickly so definitely keep an eye on it in the coming months.

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