Server Transfer and Item Mall Event Change

IGG Myth War Group has brought us two new announcements recently.
The first one is about the upcoming server transfer:
In order to improve server stability and provide a better gaming environment for players, IGG will transfer all MMO relevant servers to a new location. The transfer course will start from 20:00 pm on Mar 6th and will last for about 12 hours till 8:00 am on Mar 7th. The website will also be shut down during that period of time and will be resumed to normal in about 24 to 48 hours after the transformation.

The second one is about the item mall event:
Super power pack and Cupid Gift have been taken off from the Item Mall. Also taken off are three of the four ores we promoted during this time. However, the price of the special offer items will remain the same because they are very popular among the players.
A new Item Mall event will come up soon, and the points purchased after 1st, March will be counted in the account automatically. New item mall event will be somewhat different from the old one so please keep an eye on further announcement.

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