Shards of War: New Sentinel Patches Introduced

Shards of Wars

Bigpoint reveals today the fourteenth playable character in the science fiction oriented MOBA game, Shards of War. Patches is an agile support Sentinel that is able to both shield and speed up allies in trouble. With its advanced skill set, it’s most effective in the thick of a crowded battle.

It will patch you up when it´s done shooting things

On the offensive side, Patches can charge its M.A.H. Lazer and focus-fire its opponents to leave them stunned. With the It´s a trap skill, it generates a stasis field that temporarily traps troops when things get too hectic in the heat of battle. But careful: It´s a trap affects both friend and foe.

In terms of team support, My People Need Me lets Patches dash towards a targeted position, providing an increase in movement speed to all allied Sentinels close-by. Meanwhile Medic!!! enables it to heal a nearby ally with the lowest health. Completed by its Bubble skill, which shields an allied Sentinel, Patches can become the determining factor, especially in closely contested battles.

Puckish and eager to please – itself

It doesn’t matter to Patches, if players love or hate it. As part of the Personal Amelioration and Logistics series medical drones, it was originally meant to revolutionize warfare. Actually it did this, but in its very own way.

Left on the assembly line with a dent in its head, Patches comes with a unique intelligence. This leads it to heal most humans most of the time. However, not always. Half of its processing cycles develop corny jokes and puns, which leads it to finding that doing the opposite can be even more fun.

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