Sho Online invites gamers to its Open Beta !

All are welcome to the vibrant world of Oriental Fantasy!

Seoul, Korea – April 23, 2007 Lizard Interactive announced its eagerly waited commencement of Open Beta for Sho Online. A free-to-play Oriental Fantasy MMORPG is scheduled to launch its Open Beta on April 30, 2008 after its successful CBT held last March.

Sho Online Team has finally unlocked its sealed door for all to participate in the breathtaking battle field of ancient land of China. Based on true Chinese epic tale of war which took place between the two nations ‘Yin’ and ‘Zhou’, legendary monsters, forgotten heroes, and countless items with mystical power are now about to reincarnate.

Sho Online Team shows great appreciation to the CBT testers for their active participations and suggestions. After necessary modifications are made, Sho Online Team is confident with solid contents and more ready than ever. Sho Online Team has prepared 3 Opening Thank you events along with Open Beta test, ‘Quest for Mysterious Talisman’, ‘Who’s the best?, and ‘The King of the Forum’.

Sho Online Team says “We thank you very much for your kind interest in Sho Online and we have prepared a very special event which was not originally scheduled with Open Beta Service. Some of you will have a chance to win unique in game item which will be tempting and hard to resist. You can win it only through this event. It is one time only and final.” Details are posted at official website

Self-developed engine for Sho Online is the latest design and it offers flexible camera angles and smooth interface. Special factor to be emphasized is that this innovative engine system makes it possible even for users with low computer spec to run full 3D games with high quality graphics without lag.

Sho Online server operates on Linux system where single server can accommodate up to 4,000 simultaneously and 1,000 players can play in a single map in comfortable game play environment.

Open Beta Service of Show Online will be open to all gamers 100% free to play. Visit and register account at and you are all set to go. Open Beta Service will start on the 30th April; however, Game clients will be available for its download starting 28th April. In order to avoid heavy traffic, it is advised to download the game client in advance.

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