Shot Online: Cash Prize Competition announced today the upcoming dates for the North American preliminaries and the results of the European preliminaries in the World Championship for its golf game, Shot-Online.  Shot-Online has once again been chosen as an official game of 2009 GNGWC (Game and Game World Championship).  The tournament is a unique opportunity for Shot-Online players to take their online golfing experience offline, giving them a chance to compete face-to-face with their fellow Shot-Online players across the world.  Gamescampus and GNGWC are offering thousands in cash prizes, with the best Shot-Online players also winning a trip to Korea for the final.
The GNGWC qualifying event For North American Shot-Online gamers will take place August 20th through August 26th. The winners at that preliminary will then move on to the regional final which occur in mid-September.  The North American regional winners will join winners from Korea, Japan, Europe and South America at the finals in Korea in November where they will compete for $5,000 USD in cash prizes. 
The European preliminaries and regional finals were held in Germany with more than 500 players competing in Shot-Online.  In the regional final held at the Leipzig games convention on July 31. four finalists from the European region were selected: Silver, Mitschel, Maddy_02 and Godewind (their in-game IDs). Matthias Bohm, the 3rd place winner said “I am very happy about being one of the top 4 winners. But the best part of the tournament was that I could meet many other players through the game.”
“We saw a great response from our European gamers who came out to compete in the preliminary. There are some very talented golfers in our community,” said Tony Liu, Producer of Shot Online at “Since North America is by far our biggest market, we expect an even bigger turnout and we are excited for the competition to begin!”
The GNGWC is hosted by KIPA (the Korean SW Industry Promotion Agency) and sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Shot-Online has been a part of the annual tournament since its inception.  Multiple countries will take place in the tournament; including Europe, North America, South America, Korea and Japan. Each will hold local contests with the final global match being held in Korea this November where 16 lucky finalists will compete for the grand prize.
Shot-Online players can sign up by going to GamesCampus’ official Shot-Online website (

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