Shotgun News 11/22: ArcheAge, LoL, League of Angels, and more!

League of Angels Closed Beta Date Announced

GTArcade has announced that their browser based MMORPG League of Angels will enter closed beta on December 4th. Registration is still ongoing on the official site so it isn’t too late to take part! And to get everyone excited about the start of beta there will be daily updates from the developers on the games progress and features that will be available at launch.


Albion Online Reveals PvP and GvG Combat

The upcoming cross platform Sandbox MMO Albion Online will feature PvP and GvG. Albion Online features massive, unlimited open PvP but also has special features and mechanics specifically for GvG. They include holding territory and more.

League of Legends Announces Yasou, the Unforgiven


A new Champion has been revealed for League of Legends. Yasou, the Unforgiven harnesses the raw power of the wind to elevate his unmatched elemental swordsmanship. He is a former member of an Ionian martial school and the only one of their students to have mastered a legendary wind technique. He can perform actions like Wind Wall, Last Breath, and Sweeping Blade.

Scott Hartsman Speaks on ArcheAge

In an interview on ArcheAge Source, Trion CEO Scott Harsman sat down to answer some important questions about ArcheAge. Unfortunately it does seem that ArchAge is still a ways off from the Western audience. The good news is that Trion will be working with XL very soon to start pinpointing dates!


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