Siege Affair Guild vs Guild

Anime MMORPG, MixMaster Online has announced the official launch of its Siege Affair (Guild v Guild battle). It will be launched on 11th August ‘07. Siege Affair is the most popular weekly event in all other MixMaster versions and is already attracting many interests from 40,000 current users.

The concept of the Siege Affair is to decide the best MixMaster in the World, and users will be fighting for the Ultimate Monster, Parapoong and the ownership of either Magirita Castle or Mekrita Castle. Magirita Castle will be fought for on every Sat 7pm (GMT+10hr) and Mekrita will be fought for on every Sun 11am (GMT+10hr).

As a celebration of the launch of Siege Affair, SeedC Pacific has organised several events which shall encourage all MixMasters to put more extra work into the Siege Affair.

  1. Guild Recruitment initiative

Since Siege Affair is a Guild War, users must be in a Guild to join the event. Guilds with the most number of recruits from until 9th August will receive many incredible prizes such as, not yet implemented lvl 80 weapon, not yet implemented paid item armour, hair dye for all members. Everyone who joins a Guild is a winner as money is given to everyone for consolation prize.

  1. Premium Zone Excursion Event

All MixMasters are invited to the Premium Zone, which is usually a paid entrance zone, for free. MixMasters are encouraged to level up their character as Premium Zone offers 200% EXP, 200% Money and up to 300% Monster Drop rate.

There will be many more small initiatives such as Guild Creation fee has been lowered from 2.5million GP to 1million GP, and Siege Affair entrance fee and requirements have also been lowered.

SeedC Pacific have also worked in conjunction with Game Community Site, to create a Cup called MMOsite Cup. The inaugural winner of Siege Affair will be crowned as the MMOsite Cup winner, and will have an exclusive interview with MMOsite. MMOsite Cup is planned to be fought for every 6months or so. MMOsite has also contributed to this, as they have created events of their own, such as the Siege Affair Winner Guess Comp, Screen Shot competition as well as creating an official MixMaster Siege Affair forum.

“We have tried to maximised the interest of the Siege Affair by organising so many events. We hope our efforts will directly reflect on our users’ enjoyment level” says Takuya Matsunaga, C.O.O of SeedC Pacific. “Siege Affair is the pinnacle of MixMaster, you must join Siege Affair to enjoy MixMaster to its full potential, and we hope all of our users will join the event.”

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