SMITE hosts Seven Days of Saturnalia Event


Hi-Rez has recently announced that the Seven Days of Saturnalia are upon us. Enjoy daily pantheon sales, 50% off all voice packs, and free gems from December 17th starting at 10:00 AM EST through December 23rd at 8:00 PM EST.
For the entire week players will earn:

  • Double experience on all games played
  • 10 free gems for every “First Win of the Day” bonus earned by getting the initial first win in Arena, Conquest, Assault, Joust 3v3, MOTD, and Siege for a total of 60 free gems each day.
  • The exclusive Gingerbread icon for earning ALL SIX available “First Win of the Day” bonuses by getting a win in Arena, Conquest, Assault, Joust 3v3, MOTD, and Siege.

Additionally, every day there will be a pantheon sale which will set all skins and emotes for gods in a specific pantheon plus all icons that relate to that icon at 50% off for the day ​excluding Odyssey items​. For example, Pixel Buster Freya would not be on sale during the Norse Pantheon sale since it is part of the Odyssey.

For more info, visit—sales-and-free-gems

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