SMITE Patch 4.1: Favorite Things

NRG Ao Kuang

So, the SMITE Patch Notes 4.1 took approximately a million years to get through. The actual time was something like three hours. And there are simply so many things to go over, that I think DizzyPW actually went insane trying to put it together. So I sat down this morning and really thought about what a few of my favorite things are, and why that is. Some of them won’t be your favorites, but that’s why they’re mine! There are some runners up on this list, though, like the “recolor” skins! It’s a great way to get skins you aren’t good enough/weren’t playing enough/didn’t have enough friends to get. There’s only one on that list I think I don’t have, and that’s the Agni skin, but I wanted it so bad. . . but most of my friends already play SMITE, so I can’t get it. Alas! All of the skins honestly, should be on this list, like the interesting Animu Doge skin for Skadi. She’s so grimdark and serious all the time, not counting her Skiing skin, but it’s sure going to be a top seller. They’re going to make so much damn money on it.

  • Vamana: FINALLY. The days of the creepy Satan-baby, Vamana are done. I’m so. . . so glad. That’s the reason I never played him, I thought he looked absolutely effing stupid. He was nightmare fuel given digital flesh. I hope the other skins will get remade for him too, though I think Lil Mana will look kind of weird. Maybe he’ll look like Pitbull, or Eminem. Now that would be hilarious. It’s not a remake, just a visual rework. He needed it. Thank you, Hirez.
  • Rituals/Chalices: There’s not much to spend gold on in the late game. Now, I’ll grant you, I feel like this is more for people who are actually winning. . . Because in Conquest, when you’re behind, you’re probably going to be more concerned about one more item so you can survive, rather than the 10 second AOE damage buff from Frenzied Ritual. But I do think they’re very cool, and could very well be game changers for teams that are behind. If someone has the gold, and willing to get one, it could definitely help. Until the entire other team, the one who is winning, all teleport in to their Janus, and they obliterate you. . . But it’s a very cool idea, and teamwork can make some hilariously grand plays with them. The refillable potions in Chalices are pretty lovely too. My favorite one is pretty much the Oracle one, that I hope everyone buys so more people are warding. . .
  • Items: Jesus Bloody Christ there are so many new items/updated items! I have a few favorites though, but they’re mostly from the view of a Support/Guardian main. Watcher’s Gift update is phenomenal, and has stats/use that I actually want, instead of being an item that I feel like I have to get. Book of the Dead, anyone? A magical lifesteal item that can give you a life shield? Yes. Bloody. Please. This is such a great item, and it’ll be added to many of my casters in the near future. The Celestial Legion helm changes are wonderful too. Now it gives 20 prot/magical defenses for 5 seconds to anyone who is healed by you by an ability heal. So you can’t just use the new Meditate and chortle. Healers can actually build something tanky without feeling like they’re losing out.
  • Balance: Come on, no Ares buffs? You guys are slackin’. My favorite God deserves to be the best God, and that’s just how it works. Was it really necessary to take away Erlang Shen’s cripple? I’m not so sure about that, but it definitely happened. I’m kind of glad Guan Yu took some nerfing too, because even if I enjoy him, I’m willing to admit his healing was absolutely ludicrous. He just couldn’t be killed! Nor could anyone with him. Lots of Gods got balanced and for the most part, I’m pretty happy with them. I know my opinion doesn’t matter much, but I’m still happy about them. Like the bigger cooldown on Khepri’s ult. So many people were “nerfed”, and sometimes that’s just going to happen. So getting a bunch of them done at once? Not such a bad idea. But I’m on to you guys. You better make Ares competitive [re: Broken]!

What do you guys think? Ready for Season 4? Liking the new jungle stuff, new items, balance changes? Anything you don’t like? Let us know!

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