Sovereignty and today’s Parallax release for EVE Online

Sovereignty and today’s Parallax release for EVE Online news header

Today the Parallax release came to EVE Online, including several key changes to the sovereignty system that governs control and warfare, defense, and control in player-controlled lawless solar systems beyond the reach of EVE’s four major Empires. Some of gaming’s most compelling player stories have sprung out of the complex machinations of EVE Online’s nullsec sovereignty gameplay, including the devious Guiding Hand Social Club assassination, the staggering Bloodbath of B-R5RB, the near-instant fall of the implacable Band of Brothers Alliance at the hands of a traitor, and many more.

Inspired by dialogue with the EVE players, Parallax’s changes are led by the addition of passive structure regeneration. Partially contested structures will regenerate towards full owner control if no active entosis links are running on it, reducing the maintenance required to stave off uncommitted attackers during asymmetric engagements. Sovereignty structures now have self-destruct capabilities as well, so diplomatic exchanges of territory can happen more fluidly, supplementing an important aspect of the EVE metagame. In Parallax, infrastructure hubs have more manual control, allowing Alliances granular control over their territory by switching active strategic upgrades installed in their space.

“Jump fatigue” accumulated by ships rapidly using jump drives and portals to instantaneously move across lightyears of space has seen its cap reduced from 30 days down to 5 days, with expectations of more tweaks in the future to this mechanic that allows EVE’s most powerful warships to arrive on the field of battle quickly and with devastating effect. This should allow more frequent use of EVE’s mightiest ships while still maintaining a proper amount of strategy during deployment.

For an overview of the sovereignty system, check out this video.

Full patch notes and information on other improvements in Parallax can be found here.

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