Sweet Blessing, Amazing Valentine! ——Myth War Online ValentineÂ’s Day Activity

It’s said that everyone is born to have a soul-mate, and it’s just a matter of bumping into them sometime somewhere. Well, do you dream of a sweet relationship with your soul-mate in Myth War Online? Join in MWO Valentine’s Day Activity which will be held on Feb 14th, 2007.
It’s easy to take part in the fun activity. We need two players of opposite gender to team up and convey their blessings to St.Valentine. Later all you have to do is waiting for the sweet Valentine’s gifts to come! Wanna know more about the gifts please click http://www.mythwaronline.com/svday/index.html
Also the super cute and interesting new pet called Chinchillas will make its debut during Valentine, get closer to take a look by visiting

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