Tales of Pirates: Auction System

Following the successful “Reputation for Bonus” Program and Promoter System, a brand-new offline system – The Auction System will soon be officially released in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com).

After its release, some top equipment that is impossible or hard to get in game will be available for players.

To bid on items, players don’t need real money or in-game money but Credits which stand for their honor and reputation. There are several methods to obtain Credits, for instance, when you instruct disciples in-game, or when you obtain Forum Money by replying to other players’ issues, or when you get Promoter Credits by being Promoters.

ToP players will have a new experience with ToP Auction System, which operates similar to the eBay Auction System. The ToP team has prepared one Black Dragon Set and five Black Dragon Torsos as the first group of auction items, which are of top quality.

The Auction System will be released in early December. For more information please visit the official ToP website http://top.igg.com.index.php.

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