Tales of Pirates Caribbean Spotlight: Mysterious Adventure Preview

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In Ascaron Calendar 2112, a group of archaeologists (http://top.igg.com.) accidentally found a shabby box wrapped tightly with algae while they were salvaging ancient wrecks in the Magical Ocean……. “Pandora’s Box” was opened. At that moment, black clouds began circling above, thunder rumbled and lightning flashed and a strong northeasterly began blowing with a vengeance. It seemed that doomsday was upon them. Until a few brave pirates took it upon themselves to capture that which was unleashed. The Mysterious Adventure, the Caribbean Chapters of TOP will bring you into a brand-new, fantastic world of pirates.

The expansion “Mysterious Adventure” has exploded onto the world with force-New Monsters, Bosses and Maps. With unlimited adventure and fortune waiting, new places, such as Treasure Bay ready, Voyagers, Adventurers and Pirates alike will think they have died and gone to heaven. Of course, there are new opponents to face as well. Robbers on the sea, Deathsouls, Skeletar Pirates and horrible Death Fleets will appear in this new expansion. It will be an all new playground of excitement fit for any pirate. In addition, you can see the Black Pearl , which appeared in the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean:The Curse of the Black Pearl”, in this expansion as well.
1. 8 new maps of the Caribbean and 20 new relevant monsters. Meanwhile, 4 more powerful Bosses are waiting for you.
2. Sightseeing Ticket of the Caribbean. You can directly go to the Caribbean Bay with it.
3. 29 new quests for the Caribbean series.
4. Players can exchange all new Level 75 sets and weapons.
5. 2 band-new sets for every character.
6. More Treasure Maps in the Caribbean.
7. 27 New NPCs in the Caribbean.
8. Upgrade the help system for new players.
When Pandora’s Box was opened, the world was shadowed by an ancient and powerful evil and a mysterious isle was covered by the Deathsouls’ power too. The leader of the archeologists found a huge emplacement with his telescope. However, the long-distance cannonball shot out the backstay of the sailboat. Archeologists on the sailboat can only pray for the appearance of the miracle. There are so many submerged rocks in that blue sea. Wrecks from the world over can be seen everywhere. In their view, groups of sharks tirelessly swim around the boats. It is hell for caitiffs but the paradise of adventurers everywhere.
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