Tales of Pirates: Costume-Design Contest

Here is good news from IGG for Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) players that an interesting costume-design contest will be held in ToP Forum in order to let more players display their artistic talents. You can not only design a costume which only suits your characters, but also demonstrates your artistic vision to other people.
Note: We’ll adopt your idea if your work is creative and practical enough. You will receive the costume which you designed as soon as we make it, our Mall Hall will display your art as well.

Time: Sep 20 –Oct 20
Venue: TOP Media Overview (http://top.igg.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?fid=75)

1: Plagiarism is prohibited; if players are caught using others’ thoughts or ideas will be forced to quit the contest..
2: Players can name their own costume within 20 characters. The work should be handed in to appointed venue with “design” as the topic.
3: The work can’t contain violence, pornography, racism and sick topics.
4: In order to make sure your work will be adopted by us, please don’t change the proportions of your characters.
5: Players should illustrate the costume from all four points of view so we have a complete picture to work from. This includes the front, the back and each side.
6: The comments from the forum will be a part of the reference for the contest; though our company staff will make the final decision.

Winner (1): 500 Mall points
The Second Place (2): 300 Mall points
The Third Place (3): 200 Mall points
Encouragement Award: 100 Mall points

For more about it, please visit the official site: http://top.igg.com.

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