Tales of Pirates: Dark Swamp

Today the folks at Tales of Pirates want to tell you about the Dark Swamp instance. A ship of full of pirates was hit by a storm and they became accidentally trapped in a swamp full of strange creatures and bad smells. These pirates must now face their fear and the endless darkness. In order to survive, they need to fight monsters and eat unknown plants. Occasionally they may accidentally find some treasure. Encouraged by this and in an effort to obtain more treasure, they start their endless adventures.

The Dark Swamp is a special instance in Tales of Pirates as players can PK freely here. In addition, there are many senior bosses that range from level 40 to 50 in the 3 stories of the swamp. In the 1st story, you will meet the Swamp Bog (level 40), Master Swamp Bog (level 45) and so on. In the 2nd floor, you will meet the Swamp Watcher (level 45) and so on. And in the 3rd floor, you will meet the Huge Mud Monster (level 50), Swamp Man, and so on. You can also find treasure chests such as the Incantation Chests, Beautiful Chests, and Evanescence Chests.

Apart from the features mentioned above:

1. Clean Mud
You can obtain mud from monsters. If you clean it, you will have a chance to obtain a Mud Pearl and other items. You can use the Cleaner in Argent City to clean the mud.

2. Fire Seed
You may obtain Murky Oil, Fire Starter, or Cloth Strip after cleaning the mud. If you hand these items to the archaeologist in the Dark Swamp, you will obtain a fire seed which is necessary for exploring the more advanced mazes.

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