Tales of Pirates: Holiday Sales and New Arrivals

Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com), the famous MMORPG from IGG (www.igg.com), is holding a series of activities in the Item Mall to celebrate Thanksgiving big holiday.

Four new items will be released in the Item Mall.
1). Dragonslaying Bag-you needs this to enter the Black Dragon Lair and challenge the Black Dragon, who drops the powerful Black Dragon Armor
2). Lucky Gift Parcel
3). Paradise Pouch
4). 99 Parcel (Allows players the chances to win some useful items such as Red Dragon Wings, Fairy of Love and Egg of Mordo.

Some hot selling items will be offered at discounts that range from 20% to 60%. Discount Items: Refining Gem Voucher, Amplifier of Strive, Mysterious Pet Egg, and all kinds of Gems and Wings.

The Reputation for Bonus activity has just ended,and 3 lucky players obtained the powerful Black Dragon Torso. If some other players didn’t win, it doesn’t matter, because from now on, they will be able to obtain credits at the exchange ratio 4:1 if they buy TOP Point Cards via a Credit Card, and then they can obtain some valuable items including the Black Dragon Torsos via the Awards Center. In addition, these kinds of credits can be accumulated with the credits being obtained via the Promoter System or Reputation.

*The activities above will start this week.

Visit the official website for more information-http://top.igg.com/index.php)

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