Tales of Pirates: Key to the Demonic World

About the Demonic World
There is a huge underground maze deep in the snowfield of Ascaron in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com). That maze is what we called the demonic world. Rumor says that in the maze, conceals some chests of the demonic world which contains the supernatural equipment and gems that can unseal the level 65 equipment. Equipped with the equipment, you will be endowed with the power of the king of pirate?

However, the demonic world is not a place easy to be reached. The portal to the demonic world is accessible at EST 9:00 AM 12:00AM 3:00PM 6:00PM and will last for only 40 minutes. Even if you had entered the demonic world, there are lots of danger lies ahead. Ancient monsters are waiting for the unwelcome visitors from the outside world. Thousand of pirates had lost their lives here. Though, their followers still challenge to unveil the mystery of the unknown world.

Everyone will fell into delusion while in the huge maze. To the veterans, intuition is their best guide. However, to these new visitors of the maze, coordinates will offer them great help.

About Monsters
Maze first floor: Level 50 Imaginary Snow Doll
Level 55 Snow Doll Spirit
Level 57 Evil Snow Doll Spirit
Though the level of these monsters is not so high compared with other monsters in the maze, their attack is pretty high. They are a threat to voyager, sharpshooter and crusader. If they are team with champion, they will be much safer.

Maze second floor: Level 61 Demonic Snowman
Level 65 Demonic Yeti
Level 59 Confused Snow Doll
These are elites among the monsters. With high attack and defence, only champions are able to confront them.

Maze first floor boss monster: Snow Lady. Skilled in frozen skills, is a ticklish opponent.

Maze first floor boss monster: Snowman Warlord. It’s formidable monster, skilled in Mighty Strike and Knock out.

These are some basic information of the maze. Hope it will be helpful for the pirates questing for the demonic world.

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