Tales of Pirates: Latest Client v1.35 Preview

A brand new TOP will come in front of all fellow pirates by the end of August, in which many newfangled systems, the romantic marriage system, the exciting slot machines, the longed in game item mall and the Argent city melee system is included. Every part of the latest client embodies the collision of inspiration with intelligence. No matter you are a rookie or a veteran player, you can enjoy yourself and find a place to show yourself.

If you are a loyal pirate fans, what makes you crazy must be the challenging and funny feature of TOP. Apart from the change in scenario, version 1.35 has made great improvement in combat system in which more strategy and tactics was required. Allowing players to experience more exciting battles in TOP

New Features:

Slot Machine
Want to take a break after hours of tough fighting with the monster. In Shaitan City and Thunderia Castle, you can use the coins produced by the fairy pet to play slot machine. Generous rewards are waiting for you.

Is your fairy pet still single? Don’t worry, marriage system can help you to find the beloved ones for your pets. A Romantic church, a gentle witness, with a little cost and betrothal gift, you can held a nice wedding ceremony for you dear pets. Furthermore, after the wedding ceremony, as the evidence of their love, the couple may bear a baby pet, the attribute of the baby is decided by the attribute of the parents which means the stronger the parents are, the stronger the baby is.

Black market
Buy a piece of mystic weapon from black market. At first, you may not know what it will be like, while gradually unveil its mask, it may turn out to be a fantastic one.

Melee System
It’s the abattoir for gladiators; it’s the game for the strongest ones. No matter who you are, only victory can prove your value. No matter who you are, only the strongest ones stand till the end. Only the best may leave their name on the history of TOP. Wants to be famous? Wants to be rich? Everything you want all in melee system in Icicle Castle.

Adventure of Three Cities
They are specially designed for players over Level 70, including 3 instances for different careers, and giving high level players a better environment to cultivate their character.

In-game Item Mall
You do not have to log out to purchase items, just stay in game, you could buy everything by some simple clicks. Now, we provide try on, purchase and account management services.
Hell—18 Instances
Horrific hell contains innumerable treasure. Horrific hell also contains innumerable danger. There is only one path to these treasures—right through the hell. Let’s see who can conquer the 18 instances and bring the treasure back.

Upgrade your equipment
It’s the system making the strong ones stronger. The upgraded armor will largely increase your attribute. Making you a supper worrior in TOP

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