Tales of Pirates: October Scheme Unzip: Kill Monsters, Win Equipment

Grab FREE iPod Touch to click here (http://top.igg.com/triple) and paste the code (onrpgcom). During the month of October, TOP (http://top.igg.com/) will hold a new exciting activity! The Phantom Army is about to attack one of the cities, and players can obtain advanced equipment by killing the enemies and defending the city.

Recently, Shaitan City received some bad news. The evil Phantom Army has been aroused by some mysterious power. They have razed many villages along the way, and their next target is Shaitan City. The High Priest-Gannon in Shaitan City has called on all the brave pirates to fight against the evil forces and get back the treasure and equipment from these loathsome creatures.
Warriors, assemble!! Let’s fight against the evil!!
Apart from the activity above, we still have some ongoing activities as follows:
Hide & Seek
Hide & Seek is coming back! GMs will hide among you with no “GM” title! But useful hints will be provided and the lucky finder will get big prize from GM!
Treasure Hunting
During activity time, some precious items will appear at somewhere and exist at there for a while! Useful hints will be provided; the first lucky finder who reaches there in time can get the treasure!
Red Paper Exchange
Have collected dozens of Red Paper? GM will exchange money or some special items for these papers!
The Hexathlon and Voyage Competition continue to be available this month as well.
Come and join us now!
For more information, visit our website at: http://top.igg.com/index.php

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