Tales of Pirates: Reputation for Bonus Program

Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) gives countless players the chance to realize their dreams of being pirates. A wealth of on-line and off-line activities adds much more fun for players playing it. Now a new activity is being released- Reputation for Bonus.

The release of this activity will emphasize the meaning of win-win more thoroughly. Especially for those earnest players devoting themselves to the introduction of new players for a long time, they will receive the official “bonus credits” with which they can exchange for various items in the Award Center. If they have promoter award credits as well, both the bonus credits and the award credits can be added together. Here in this program, the only requirement for receiving bonus is the player’s “reputation”. After exchanging reputation for bonus, the player’s in-game reputation value will not be reduced.

Please visit ToP official website at http://top.igg.com/credit/index.php for all the details.

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