Tales of Pirates: Sacred War Map Preview

A new map for Sacred War will be launched in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) in the next coming update.

It is the Gods’ arrangement that players will meet their bitter opponents on the Sacred War Map. They are cruel, powerful and skilled. They may either form hostile guilds or become players’ best friends. They fight against each other to prove their abilities in the ultimate arena. Those who laugh last will be rewarded. Players may die or successfully come back with their friends. It depends on their wisdom and resolutions.

This is a place where only the strong can survive. The fights are divided into two levels Players between level 45 and level 65 fight against each other, while players above level 65 can challenge each other. Group PVP will be held at any moment. 90 players are allowed to fight against each other at the same time.

Both two sides have their own bases. To win players, have to collect treasure and other necessary items by fighting for them. Once players have entered the map, they can choose any players from the hostile side to PVP with or improve their abilities by completing quests, collecting items and defeating BOSSes.


Players must hold a Life and Death token which can be traded with the Holy War Administrator at the entrance of map at a cost of 15 honor points to enter the map. If players die while fighting, a Blood contract will be dropped. In case a player doesn’t have a Life and Death token, a Snuff or an Eye Patch will be dropped.

Rich resources are available for players to employ while fighting. Plays must employ strategy and cooperate with each other to win final victory.
Winners will get prizes and be given prestigious titles. Deep Blue Pupil and Silvery Soul are dreamed of by pirates and the Navy. Only winners are qualified to posses them.

For more information, please visit the official site: http://top.igg.com/index.php.

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