Tales of Pirates: Sporting Competition Review

The Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com/) team held a Sporting Competition which includes a Regatta, Relay Races, a Marathon and more. They also prepared tons of gold and mystical rewards for these events. Pirates had a wonderful time during the Sporting Competition.

Event I: Regatta
The Vast Ocean is filled with pirates and danger but also innumerable treasures. This regatta aims to test pirate’s abilities in fighting and survival. Rumor has it that there are tons of treasures hidden at the end of the match. If players want to become a rich pirate and if players enjoy sailing, then here is a golden opportunity to prove themselves.

Event II: Relay Race
The Relay race is a good event to test speed and teamwork. Only the swiftest and most cooperative team can win the match. Let’s start from the beginning and finish running the whole course with strong minds and perfect teamwork. Players will gain awards from the GM for each part of the course you complete. If player finish running the whole course, he/she will also gain mystical awards.

Event III: Marathon
The Marathon is one of the most grueling races ever. It’s said that it originated from the story of a Greek hero who returned to Athens to report a victory with a torch in his hand. In this event players can learn more about the story.

Event IV: Dreams Come True
The summer vacation sporting competition will offer players the opportunity to make your dream come true. If player can find the hidden GM, one of your dreams will come true.

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