Tales of Pirates: Summer Holiday Sweepstakes

As summer holiday is coming now, IGG is going to hold a new leveling up event in all servers in Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com). It is a little different from the events we hold before this time. Please find the details about this event as below:

Note: Only characters created after 16:00 July 11, 2007 are qualified for this activity. When the activity ends, the top eight highest-ranked players in level of all the eight servers will be the final winners. Among them, there will be one first-prize winner, two second-prize winners and five third-prize winners. Further more, only the newly created character of the highest level in your account will be praised.

Activity Period: The Summer Holiday Leveling Activity will commence at 16:00 July 11, 2007 and end at 16:00 July 25, 2007.

Venue: All servers

The first prize: 500 item mall points and 50 million coins.
The second prize: 300 item mall points and 30 million coins.
The third prize: 100 item mall points and 10 million coins.

Besides, we will grant a prize to other new characters who would meet the level requirements below:
Level 91~ Level 100: 1000 item mall points.
Level 81~ Level 90: 800 item mall points.
Level 71~ Level 80: 500 item mall points.
Level 61~ Level 70: 300 item mall points.
Level 51~ Level 60: 180 item mall points.
Level 41~ Level 50: 100 item mall points.
Level 30~ Level 40: 50 item mall points.

Come on, guys, have an unforgettable holiday with pirates in Tales of Pirates!!!

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