Tales of Pirates: Thanksgiving Carnival

Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com) has been holding a series of wonderful activities this month to celebrate Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Holiday season. IGG is pleased to release a preview of the details for the final two weeks.

Another two new activities–the Lollipop for Career Lot and Fortune Lot activity will be held in game, in addition to the “Exchange for Tableware” and “Free Fireworks” activities in the last two weeks.

Candy Week: http://top.igg.com/atc/thanksgiving/candyweek.html

Alphabet Card Week: http://top.igg.com/atc/thanksgiving/index.html

Players can find a Christmas Lollipop from a turkey, and then they can find a GM to exchange the Lollipop for a Career Lot. (Lollipop: Career Lot/ 10:1) Players can also collect letter cards to spell G, I, V, E, then find a GM, and exchange them for a Fortune Lot.

For more info on the activities or to sign up and play, visit the official TOP website: http://top.igg.com/atc/thanksgiving/index.html。

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