Tales of Pirates: Version 2.0 Preview

Tales of Pirates (http://top.igg.com/), a 3D MMORPG from IGG (www.igg.com ), is based on cute characters and eye-catching storylines, and quickly created a huge following for itself since its debut more than a year ago.
ToP is now preparing version 2.0 which will bring fresh experience to players including new stories, maps, mobs, quests and systems, especially the massive PVP system. Now we’ll have a brief preview of Tales of Pirates V2.0.
I. New Stories:
On Ascaron calendar 4035, a shining fireball streaked across the sky and dropped into the sea, south of the Deep Blue Region, followed by a terrible tsunami that swept the world.
After the tsunami, the adventurers arrived at the sea region where the fireball dropped, and unexpectedly they found a giant whirlpool, from which out came a chilling air and the continuous roaring of protectors.
What is the secret sealed in these Islands of Winter?
II. New Map, New Mobs
Winter Island
Contains 5 small islands, a total 9 regions, and it is the successive island on sea following the Spring, Summer, and Autumn Island. It is the island of dreams for Players Level 80+ to improve themselves where they will have new monsters to challenge and successive quests to do it.
New maze: The God Redemption
There are 2 types, the Bright Maze which players can only enter in daytime and the Dark Maze, which can only be accessed by night. If seen from above, the 2 mazes seem to have a serious face (Bright Maze) and a sinister-smiling face (Dark Maze). Also they have totally different terrain, vegetables and architecture.
III. New Quests:
In Winter Island many new quests and relevant NPCs are delicately designed, awaiting players’ experience.
IV. Cool items and gear:
New Items: Considerable new drops, including quest items and items which can be redeemed.
New Gear: 4 sets of Level 85 gear and 4 sets of Level 95 Boss equipment, one set per class. All the new gear grants the players experience bonuses and additional chance for drops.
V. New Mobs:
Before going to fight the new monsters in Winter Island, including in the Bright and Dark Mazes, players from different classes need to team up to face the challenge.
VI.PVP Arena:
The master will join the PVP contest along with the apprentice. There is also seating in the arena, and players can come in to watch the PK contest and leave at any time.
VII. Upper Limit of Level Adjustment
Level and Exp System
Decreases the leveling-up difficulties for Level 80+ players and adjusts the upper level limit to level 120, also fixes the balance of classes。
VIII. Guide for Newbies
More considerate newbie guide system, and newbie quests! Will guide the new starters to level up fast in the shortest time during the quests.

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