Tales of Pirates: Voyagers–The Dominators of the Seas

One of the greatest features of Tales of Pirates Online (http://top.igg.com) is the fantastic sea exploration, sea commerce and sea battle systems. Unlike other online MMORPGs, the ocean plays an extremely important role in ToP, with the dominators being the most fearless voyagers!

However, it’s quite a challenge for ordinary players to become excellent explorers. To realize this dream, they have to train themselves hard from Lvl 1 to Lvl 10 to become explorers first, then continue their training through to Lvl 40, by that time, they can become beginning-level voyagers. But to become really qualified as voyagers, there is still a long way for them to go!

Firstly, they need to improve their skills. There are various types of skills for voyagers to learn, from the practical Diligence, Current, Conch Armor, Lightning Bolt, Tornado and Alga Entanglement, to the advanced Conch Ray, Fog, Lightning Curtain, Tail Wind, and Whirlpool, if they could well-master two or three of these skills, their power would be strengthened significantly.

Second of all, they have to upgrade their battleships. Most of the voyagers will very likely have to choose the more forceful types such as the Phantom, the Goddess, and above all, the Great White Shark. If they can upgrade their ships to a higher level, the road to the top will be shortened greatly for them.

Moreover, money is important in any game, and lucky for ToP voyagers, they can take full advantage of their special abilities and hunt for countless treasures by exploring over the vast ocean, or simply dealing with sea commerce. Once they have accumulated enough fortune, they can purchase advanced weapons, armor and other items to further improve themselves.

Sound interesting? Well, for more details on the characteristic ToP professions and many other cool features, please visit the Tales of Pirates official website at http://top.igg.com.

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