TERA Head Starts Begin This Weekend

TERA Head Starts Begin This Weekend



Soon the long wait will come to an end. A few hours ago Frogster opened up the early start for TERA EU at 3pm CEST after taking part in the pre-character creation event. TERA NA players will be joining them shortly as the stateside servers go live at 8:00am PDT Saturday the 28th.



No matter your server, head starters can enjoy the release version of the game up to level 38. The access to the head start will end on Monday, the 30th of April at 11:59 pm in each respective time zone. From Tuesday the 1st of May 12:01 am the EU servers will go offline in order to prepare the launch. NA launch will officially begin at 12:00AM PDT.



If players would like to participate in the head start they still have the chance to secure their copy in the official Frogster and En Masse shops.




The launch for all EU players will be on the 3rd of May at 12:00. At this time the level cap will be removed and pre-order as well as normal players will have access to all available servers.



Along with the head start a new video series called “Inside TERA” begins today. In the first episode Frogster employees share their impressions of the game by talking about their favorite races and classes.

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