TERA Online Announces Winners of Retweet Sweepstakes

TERA Online Announces Winners of Retweet Sweepstakes



Earlier this week myself along with many fans were surely surprised to attempt to lurk the En Masse Entertainment forums dedicated to TERA Online and realize they were no longer there. TERA Online launched the first stage of its website redesign over the weekend, revamping the overall look, homepage hotbox, and most importantly, offering detailed descriptions and skills to the races and classes section. If you haven’t done so already, I highly suggest checking out their class section to learn about all your future skills and at what levels you can acquire them.



In addition, yesterday En Masse revealed the twenty-five lucky winners of the TERA Beta Announcement Retweet Sweepstakes. The following lucky players will be enjoying the North American launch test even before me (sadface.jpg):


@brianbks03 @MysteryBox @theonetruejm @TilenProsenjak @CrazyTomcsy @JPorter707 @Happypea1 @aor7893 @Garash2k @Sneakwulf @pugglebuggle @Matt_VoLatile @kasperfm @JK_GaoXi @RobertGuy6 @nth_power @LuciferStar1 @Zerconian @__PIgly @GevJS @Darrenshizzle @agreatwind @dysnex @HilaryGravedoni @aDemands



However with about four months until launch, there will be plenty of time for beta testing and new contests to get in I’m sure. OnRPG will be watching closely to inform you of any activity as soon as possible! Until then might I subtly suggest checking out MMO-FO’s Facebook Page as it may or may not be your ticket into a future beta test.

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