The First GMT 00:00 Server for TQ Games

Last week we posted the announcement that Server London of Eudemons Online was transferred and relocated in Great Britain under GMT 00:00. This decision mainly referred to sincere suggestions from lots of European players, saying that it was hard for them to join in-game activities and interactions among each other due to the difference between time zones.

This is actually the first time for TQ to locate its server in Europe for English version, and we really hope this new server can help most European players overcome those great inconveniences. Moreover, based on this desire, we are also considering some similar approaches for other TQ games. For example, Zero Online has adjusted the time for spaceship missions in order to accommodate players from Europe and Asia; Conquer Online is asking European players to vote for their own guild war time through the official forum:

Players’ fun and ideas are always important for our decision making. We would like to receive more and more suggestions or feedback from our players, and we believe that those changes above are all just a beginning… Cheers for the future!

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