The Official Site of Voyage Century is Available

When the official pre-beta introduction pages are promoted, Voyage Century is proved to be high-expected. As the first 3D nautical online game, Voyage Century attracts innumerable players. The clicking rate is keeping increasing. Now, at the moment of closed beta, the formal official site of Voyage Century is available. And it will take you back to the 16th century.

Our official website involves in game information, players’ interaction, customer service, and download, etc. Considering the players’ requirement and the style of the game, we not only offer more convenient index column but also more detailed game information and more understandable newbie guide, which will guide players, senior or new, to a certain extent.

The website provides the players with excellent interactive entertainment platform on which players could communicate and share the experience at will without considering they are in the game or on the website. We will try our best to help the players who have any questions about the game and provide detailed information on the website for the players to search. Hope everyone could take pleasure here and relax yourselves at ease.

There are much happiness and sadness involved in the big and saline sea. It is said that the sea is sweat originally. The sea turns saline now, because it is included innumerable sailors’ tears and sweats, and even lives. In our eyes, sea is forever mysterious and make human yearn. If you still can’t realize your dream of sailing on the sea, Voyage Century will offer you a chance to experience the joys and sorrows of sailors’ lives. Let’s expect for the Voyage Century together!

Our slogan: Serve with our heart forever!
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The first 3D nautical online game leads new age of MMORPG!

These are the latest delicate wallpapers of Voyage Century. If you like them, please go to the wallpaper zone at the front page to download them.

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