The Secret World: First official Screenshots and Video!

After a series of media-only presentations held at PAX last weekend, Funcom today lifted the press embargo allowing us to reveal new details and media on “The Secret World”, Funcom’s upcoming modern-day massively multiplayer online game.
As a part of the new reveals of the game, Funcom today also released the first ever official screenshots of the real-world MMO.
“We are very pleased with what we were able to show the press at the Penny Arcade Expo, such as the very first actual in-game footage,” says Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas.
“For the time being we will keep that exclusive to the press that was there, and we look forward to reading up on their impressions. We are also very happy about the tremendous interest “The Secret World” have received among gamers, something that really shows when looking at the tens of thousands of people that have become members of the game’s official community over the last few days.”
Last week Funcom revealed three secret societies – the Illuminati, the Dragon and the Templars – all of which play an integral role in the game. Gamers everywhere were also urged to visit the official website to take the Initiation test – a personality test that determined what secret society they were most suited to join. Afterwards, gamers had the opportunity to enroll as an initiate in that secret society and thus join the official community for «The Secret World». Membership offers several exclusive rewards, such as an initiate kit, updates on the game’s development, and the chance to win access to the future beta test of the game. Funcom is pleased to announce that the initiation test has been very successful, with over 50.000 gamers actively signing up to become initiates of the secret societies over the course of a few days.
Make sure to check out the new screenshots and the trailer on The Secret World here on OnRPG!

The Secret World - Concrete Monster

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