The VCO First Official Cosplay Contest

The VCO First Official Cosplay Contest
If you are enthusiastic with Voyage Century Online, you are invited to enter the official VCO Cosplay Contest, where fans dress up as their favorite characters.
Be sure to start cutting and sewing immediately as entry to the contest closes on March 15th. Before entering, please read the Official Contest Rules:

1. All VCO players are welcome to join the contest. Post the pictures of you in your Voyage Century Online costume on the Contest Zone of the official forum. All participants should begin with the titled ‘join’, for example, ‘join’+ topic. Otherwise, works will be considered as invalid.
2. All works should be VCO role-play, any other game character are receivable.
3. All works should be original. Plagiarism is prohibited.
4. All works should be in focus and good quality, in 800*600 pixel with JPEG format
5. Authors are encouraged some key words or graphs to descript and customize their pictures and add an poll on their pictures.

Criteria for judging are as follows:
Attire: 50%
accuracy, craftsmanship, creativity
Audience Impact: 50%
Remarks: VCO officials will found a Contest Committee to judge the submitted works. No judger is allowed to join the contest.

Contest Period:
The contest period is from Mar.13th to Mar.31st. All participants must be received by the deadline to be eligible to win a prize.

First prize (1) :Gentlewomanly Evening Dress (Worthy 1500 Points)
Second prize (2): HZ000001 (worthy 500 Points)
Third prize (3): the food in worms, felidi, birds, canine, rabbits, bears, pigs or bats’ favor (worthy 200 Points)
Honorable Mentioned (5) :Gift Brochure Pack (worthy 80 Points)


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