Tree of Savior: First CBT happening this week

Tree of Savior

Kim Hakkyu, the Project Director of “Arcturus”, “Ragnarok Online”, “Granado Espada” and “Wolfknights” will be starting the first Closed Beta Testing (CBT) for his new MMORPG, Tree of Savior (TOS). The CBT will begin on January 15th to 18th for a total of four (4) days.

Tree of Savior is famous for being the predecessor of “Ragnarok Online (RO)”.Those who have played RO are familiar with its 2.5D graphics and an isometric viewpoint of the surrounding. Tree of Savior is similar, but with improved graphics. Gaming mechanics however resembles more of an earlier creation of Kim Hakkyu titled “Arcturus”.

A total of 3,000 participants will be chosen tomorrow to participate in the first CBT. The purpose of this CBT is to obtain determine the direction of the game and to obtain valuable feedback from the testers. Thus, only South Koreans were eligible to play in the first CBT. With that said, what can we expect from the first CBT?

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