Troy Online Hosts Special CB End Game Access Tonight

Troy Online to Host End-Game Content Event Tonight!




ALT1Games is working hard to make Troy Online‘s closed beta test into an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Today they are kicking it up a notch with a special end game access event! Troy’s players have had a legitimate concern that no human can possibly get to the current level capacity in three days. Here is their solution: ALT1Games will be ending their current CBT on July 18, 9:00PM PST (instead of 12:00AM), but hosting this event on the server approximately one hour later.



Once the server is back up, user’s characters will start at level 55. User’s new level 55 characters will start will 100,000 Dra (currency used in Troy). The merchants during this event will sell level 50 equipment and they will be able to reset skills, stats, and sub class all for just some measly Dra. ALT1Games is hoping that not only will this quench the user’s thirst for their game but it will also supply them with the information they need to improve their sub-class system.

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