ValentineÂ’s Day Series

Valentine’s Day Series
Section One:
Originalities Collecting Activity: how do you plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2007.
Period of Activity: Jan, 25th —–Feb, 14th
Site: Activity Column of official forum
Arrangements: what’s your idea for the coming Valentine’s Day? Share your romantic ideas with the friends in Voyage Century, let us be a witness of your sweet love.
We will select 6 players for their excellent originalities and reward them the exquisite gifts prepared by official on Valentine’s Day.
1. The participants should post on the Activity Column on our official forum.
2. The participants should give a clear indication on your affiliated server and character name. Your post should be featured by your individual shining view, which is able to arouse other players’ inspiration and sympathize.
3. It’s better to paste the screenshot in Voyage Century, especially the splendid pictures with your lover.
4. All participating post should be relevant to the game. All participant should add a poll in your post : Are you satisfied with my ideas? Yes or No.
1. The amounts of clicking and reply, the result of the poll will be the most important criteria.
2. The finial judgment will be given out by the official staff.
First prize (1*): romantic lovers’ dresses from item mall +200 points/each.
Second prize (2*): romantic lovers’ dresses from item mall
Third prize (3*): 200 points/each

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