VCO Teaches you Anti-deceiving

Trade between players in game becomes frequent as the game is opened for free and becomes more and more popular. Accompanying this, a lot of deceiving appear in game. Voyage Century ( ) now lists some conmanship here to reveal the cheats:

1. Digit
While purchasing large-denomination items from stall, players may misread the price and spend 10 times of the normal price in buying something because of the too many digits of price as well as the misguide of the vendor’s advertisement. For example, a compressed provision bag is usually quoted 1600000 but there may be players adding another “0” behind the normal price. In this occasion, if you are not careful enough, it will be very likely to be deceived. However, some vendors may also not input enough “0”. So be careful while purchasing items from stall.
2. Change Figures
There may be players purchasing expensive items by setting stall. But some of them may change the price and purchase quantity each other. For example, while purchasing treasure map pieces, this kind of cheats often show the price–60000 in the shop name but they set the price to 1 and quantity to 60000 in the shop actually. Then if you are a bit careless, you will be possible to sell those items at a unit price of 1 coin.
3. Pretend to be Other Player
Players can also trade with one another in game. At this moment, if any cheater created a character named the similar name with the trade target, players would be probable to give money or items to cheater.
Most losses caused by those ways of deceiving above are because of carelessness. Thus, as long as you are a bit careful while trading, you will be able to avoid the unnecessary losses.

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