VCO WomenÂ’s Day Lottery Event

VCO Women’s Day Lottery Event

The love for beauty is common to all men, especially for women. All dear ladies in VCO, do you want to be shining brightly on Women’s Day? To celebrate such an important day, VCO is going to hold a meaningful event: lottery event. Every female player who purchases point card or items during event period can win a chance to take part in the lottery event.

Time: March 8th

Participating Method: Players purchase point card and fill in shopping record.

GM will announce a lucky player and relevant reward every other hour.
Rewards: Item Mall points: 100, 200, 500; flowery in-game suit-dress; gift brochure; advanced arming.

There are three kinds of suit-dresses in our Item Mall:
1.Fragrance Night Dress: Dignified and elegant dressing enables a female player be more confident about her beauty.
2.Attractive Evening Dress: Charming red dress makes player shinning in all situation.
3.Gentle womanly Evening Dress: Natural and graceful white dress; the symbol of purity,
player dressing on such a suit is more like a bride.


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