“Voyage Century” Brings You to Review the Sail Culture of 16 Century

As a voyage game, ships are necessary and play an important role in it. Viewing the whole human history, we will find that sail, as a tool of people conquering the oceans and rivers, was the carrier of the ocean culture. Without those ships, the ocean culture would lose its spirit. In the great voyage age in 16 century, people brought the western cultures to the East by dint of solid sailing vessels and cannons and carried treasures back ship by ship, which made all the Europeans pleasantly surprise and crazy, and when, the great voyage age really began to reach the top.

It is the “voyage century” that brought this spirit into full games. Consulting the true sail information of the 16 century, we catalogue the sails into 50 varieties in this game. Sails can be divided into sailing boat, oar ship, oar-sailing ship according to its motility and gunboat, merchant ship, corsair, hooker according to its functions, of which, oar-sailing ship is the favorite of the pilots. This kind boat has approximately ten more varieties with higher price and huge volume which is harmonious and unified with its holder—pilot in the whole. Concentratively reveals their same nature of braveness and peremptoriness. You can imagine on the endless sea, a huge oar-sailing ship with a skull and crossbones flag waving with the wind on the backstay speedily course toward you. In such circumstances, I think no matter what level your ship is or how many equipment you owned now, you will not help being moved and be attracted. You will imagine you are the owner of this ship and drive it on the vast ocean conquering the oceans and the whole world, from which you can get excitement to satisfy your overlord desire. Aren’t you eager to realize your dream?

However just as the old saying: “Diamond can cut diamond”, we won’t allow the pirates representing villainy be excessive arrogant. Among the countless ships, there are also many more advanced then pilots’. For example, Spanish square sailing ship, as stable as a mountain when sailing on the sea, was made of solid wood with 20 meters body height, 4 meters sea gauge and with more than 80 rooms of the cabin. Their capability of doing battle has reached to the top-ranking when armed with artilleries and bluejacket. Span, famous for the voyage, has its unique design to the ships. They combine foursquare sail with lateen sail which can make the ship advance and retreat freely in condition of both the tail wind and dead wind. Under the direction of a skilled sail operator, the speed of the ship can reach to 30 sea miles per hour. Its turning strength is also very good. How about it? Has it closed to your desire? How could you still be silent?

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