Voyage Century: Christmas Surprises

Christmas is almost here, and the Voyage Century ( team will be giving players three big surprises to celebrate this festival.

Christmas Surprises
First Surprise: With the new version of Voyage Century, “Doom Treasure” coming in Dec, players who register accounts in the new version will be offered a Dragon Head Cannon Battleship, Navigation Star, and Star of Land which are all very useful items for beginners.
Second Surprise: When the new version is launched, players can enjoy one and a half experience for 7 days.
Third Surprise: Santa lost his 6 reindeer, and he will not be able to give out Christmas gifts without them. Players will be offered big rewards including 20,000 reputation, a Christmas costume (worth 14 USD) and 10 million silvers if they can find all 6 of Santa’s reindeer.

Reindeer Hunting
Key Man: Santa
Event Requirement: Reputation>=65,000 & Notoriety=0
Quest Contents: Players should find the six lost reindeer and bring them back to Santa to win big rewards.
Event Rewards: Reputation: 20000; Coin: 10 million; 1 Christmas Gift Package.

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