Voyage Century: Columbus Day Special Activity

Celebrating that most famous of all the intrepid explorers, VCO will hold a special activity on Columbus Day in forum.
Object-All VCO Players
Time- 10/11/2007 – 10/16/2007
Contents-Our administrator will post the relevant information in the Event Zone, all entries need to follow the directions. You can reply to the post and paste your works’ address that you share with your friends, like your website, blog, group or forums etc. Your works are required to be related to VCO, and information about Columbus.
1. The contents must be related to VCO or you can cite the information offered by our official.
2.The page of your work(Blog,website,group,forum etc) should include the following information: the Hyperlink of VCO official site:; VCO Screenshot Game Introduction or VCO article.
3. The contents must include information about Columbus.
4. You must attach your ID, Gender, and Server name to the end of your posts.
5. The forums or groups you offer must be related to navigation, Columbus, and adventure.
6. One game account is allowed to submit unlimited works as long as your works come from different blogs, forums or groups, which mean that you can gain many rewards only if you have enough qualified work.
Rewards:One time-limited Suit-Exchanging Item(7days)and one Sealed Magic Box.
Specific rewards Information
1. The time-limited Suit-Exchanging Item 7days.You can change the type of clothes you wear after equipping the item. Other equipment won’t be affected.
2. Sealed Magic Box- There is a chance of obtaining one when you defeat a Boss. You have a chance to obtain advanced equipment upon opening the box.
3. Rewards Distribution- The rewards will be distributed on Oct 20th.
1. Players should fill your personal information correctly. The official will not take the responsibility for any loss caused by the wrong information.
2. Please post your works URL below this main post.
For more about it, please visit here:
PS VCO sincerely wants to make friends with those who are interested in navigation games, if you have constructive and special suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We will be grateful.

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