Voyage Century: Comic Contest

IGG ( announced that a comic contest was added as a permanent event in Voyage Century ( Forum. Draw some comic strips of interesting stories in VCO.

Location: Event Zone in VCO Forum
1. All the works should be related to VCO games.
2. All the works should be original. Plagiarism is prohibited. Entries should be posted to the Event Zone in VCO Forum. You are considered to be participants as long as you set up your post with a subject such as: VCO+ comic strips or the entry will be considered invalid.
3. Any off-topic post is prohibited. Once found, this post will be deleted directly. Officials will permanently close the player’s account if you frequently flood the screen.
4. One player is allowed to join with one main ID. If someone is found to use many IDs to post, officials will cancel the player’s qualification.
5. VCO officials will field an Event Committee to judge the submitted works. No judge is allowed to join the event.
6. All works submitted are reserved by IGG.
Rewards: Every round will come out with 2 or 3 splendid works which are probably to be published on our official site and other renowned websites
First Round from July,15th to July, 30th:
Rewards: Aress Necklace
For more about it, please visit:

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