Voyage Century: Easter Event

With Easter quickly approaching, the Voyage Century ( team will be holding the ‘Smashing the Easter Eggs’ event. What kinds of gifts are hidden in the Easter Eggs? Double Experience Scroll? Refined Material? Or the famous fishing rod? Join us and try your luck.

Event Duration: March 22nd to April 25th 
Event Location: The Official Voyage Century website
Event Rules:
1. To participate: You must have at least 200 credits (200 credits=The bonus you gain after consuming 200 points=2 Quintessence Posts= Recommend a friend to play our game)
2. To Participate: Log onto the event page, and use the hammer to smash 1 Easter Egg, after this, 200 credits will be deducted from your account, and you will obtain corresponding gift.

Rewards Information:

The Unexpected Pirze
Rod, Fine Fishing Rod, Navigation Fishing Rod, Deep-sea Fishing rod
The Lucky Prize
Refined Steel, Pure Steel Plate, Comfortable Handle, Refined Steel Thread
The Surprising Prize
Pure Steel, Steel plate, Handle, Steel Thread, Double Experience Scroll
The Honorable Mentioned
50 credits
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